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Business Succession

Viva Partners is looking to acquire and personally operate one great company, taking it to new growth heights.

We, Camila and Dustin, are two hands-on, dedicated entrepreneurs that dream big in our ambition to grow a company and create positive impact. We want ourselves, our team, and the original founders to be proud of what the business has achieved.

We are not managing an investment portfolio. We will roll up our sleeves, and take responsibility from day one. 


We will be the stewards of the business, protecting your legacy and taking care of your employees and customers, while bringing our skills and dedication to sustainably grow the business.

Why us


Values-driven. Dedicated. People-oriented.

The business we buy will be our sole focus

We are not managing an investment portfolio. We are choosing to dedicate our careers to one company and one team. We will roll up our sleeves and take operating responsibility from day one.

Our mission is to protect your legacy first, then build

Our primary goal is to honor and protect what you have worked hard to build. We will surround ourselves with the existing team, and we will not interfere with what already works.


We do not have a time-horizon

We do not have an exit deadline and we are not targeting short-term quick wins. We plan to operate the business with a focus on long-term, sustainable growth.

Our capital is not anonymous

Our investors are successful entrepreneurs who care for the business as much as you do because they have been in your shoes.

We know what it is like to run a business because we have done it

We have years of experience in large organizations and leading roles in finance, strategy, human capital, and large transformations. We will bring our skills to continue the company's trajectory of growth.

We deeply care about people & culture

We believe that organizations are made up of individuals. It will be our priority to cultivate a culture that allows everyone to be aligned in purpose while having the opportunity to thrive individually.

We live by our values

  • Value people first

  • Pursue excellence

  • Act with Integrity

  • Welcome change

  • Drive positive impact


Selling the business that you took years to build is a big decision. A decision that needs to be well thought through and, of course, it needs to be with the right buyers.


For us, it is important to ensure the right fit between us and the current owners - someone with aligned values and with similar vision for the future of the business.

We are looking for a company with a proven product or service, a great team and the potential to thrive under our leadership. 

Business characteristics:

  • $2M - $10M in annual profits             

  • Trajectory of growth

  • Recurring or reoccurring revenue

  • Low capital intensity

  • Clear competitive advantage

  • Located in North America

Our focus
Our team


Camila and Dustin are partners in life and now in business. They have built a 10-year relationship based in trust and are a perfect match given their well-rounded complementary experiences and personalities.

Their other significant project is raising two kids with strong values to become conscious citizens of this world.

Camila Medeiros

Camila has 15 years of hands-on experience such as launching and growing a start-up to +70 people, managing a product portfolio for a large multinational, and advising leaders in Fortune 500 organizations.

Final pic Cami.jpg

After leading numerous strategic projects while at McKinsey, Camila realized that having a great strategy doesn’t mean achieving results. People are what make organizations great and responsible for achieving results. In the last years, she focused on helping large organizations transform their culture and People practices to achieve their full potential.


McKinsey & Company

Imperdivel (start-up)




PUC & University of California Berkeley, BA

Dustin Johnson

Dustin has +12 years of experience in investment banking and private equity. He has worked in a variety of  industries, completing more than a dozen transactions representing more than US$1bn in value.

Final pic Dustin.jpg

Dustin has a broad experience working with portfolio companies in hands-on, execution-focused roles. He believes in data-driven decision making and disciplined execution. He is fascinated with understanding strategic and capital allocation decisions that enable companies to deliver exceptional performance.


Montana Capital Partners

Pala Investments

BMO Capital Markets



University of Saskatchewan, BA


We are passionate entrepreneurs with vast experience in acquiring, managing, and growing businesses.


We have secured funding from a diverse group of investors who are excited to support us in this journey. Our investors not only trust us and our track record, but they are also our mentors. Most of them are successful entrepreneurs themselves with extensive experience buying and successfully growing small-to-medium enterprises over the long term.

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