The mission of Viva Partners is to acquire and operate a business, taking it to new heights.

We bring the mindset of long-term business owners. We will honor your legacy while embedding a strong purpose and the right setting for people to thrive.


Why is Viva Partners well positioned to maintain the legacy of your business?

  • We are committed to creating long-term sustainable growth

  • We will honor your reputation and relationship with employees and customers

  • We know what it's like to run and grow a business because we have done it

  • We will work with you hand-in-hand through the transition process

  • We offer flexible transaction structures to ensure your personal needs are met

  • We believe any business can be a force for good and achieve great performance because of that, not in spite of it

Our values

  • Value people first

  • Pursue excellence

  • Act with Integrity

  • Embrace change

  • Drive positive impact


How will we ensure long-term sustainable growth?

“Business as usual” never lasts long - we can add value through proven strategies and our solid experience in two pillars

Performance & Growth

We believe in data-driven decisions, rigorous performance management, disciplined execution, and innovation. Through a transition process, you will have the opportunity to see our hands-on approach to continuing your legacy. 


We will challenge the boundaries of conventional thinking regarding business strategy, functional strategies and tactics, and competitive opportunities.

People & Culture

We will manage organizational health as rigorously as financial results. Companies that work on their culture, dramatically outperform peers, and demonstrate tangible performance gains in as little as 6 to 12 months. 

We will unrelessly focus on having the right people, process, and culture in place, in order to execute against a common vision, and renew through innovation and creative thinking.


We are searching for a business to acquire in North America with $5 million+ in revenues and the following characteristics:

  • Recurring revenues

  • Minimum EBITDA of $1 million

  • Low capital intensity

  • Growing industry

  • Low customer concentration

  • Full or majority ownership



We are passionate entrepreneurs with vast experience in acquiring, managing and growing businesses.

We strive to leave a legacy of positive impact through our work.


Camila Medeiros

Camila has years of hands-on experience such as launching a new business in a large corporation and managing a P&L, growing a startup to 70+ people, and successfully integrating a company post-acquisition.

After numerous strategic projects at McKinsey, she realized by experience that having a great strategy doesn’t mean achieving results. People are what make organizations great and responsible for achieving results. She focused her most recent professional experience toward helping organizations transform their purpose and culture to deliver great results.

Dustin Johnson

Through a decade of experience  in investment banking and private equity, Dustin has worked with businesses in a variety of  industries and stages, completing more than a dozen transactions representing more than US$1bn   in value. 

Dustin has a broad range of experience working with portfolio companies in hands-on, execution-focused capacities. He believes in data-driven decision making and disciplined execution. Dustin is dedicated to continuous learning and is fascinated with understanding the strategic and capital allocation decisions that enable companies to deliver exceptional performance.

Camila and Dustin are married and have been together for 10 years. Their other significant project is raising two small kids to have strong values and become conscious citizens of this world.


McKinsey, Senior Project Manager

Imperdivel (start-up), Business Develop. Manager

Nestle, Brand Manager



PUC & University of California Berkeley, BA


Montana Capital Partners, Vice-President

Pala Investments, Senior Manager

BTG Pactual, Director/Manager

BMO Capital Markets, Associate



University of Saskatchewan, BA





Viva Partners is excited to connect with investors, intermediaries, and most importantly, business owners.​