Business Succession

The mission of Viva Partners is to acquire and operate a single business, taking it to new growth heights.

We dream big in our ambition to grow a company. We want ourselves, our team, and the original founders to be proud of what the business has achieved.


The business we buy will be our sole focus

We are not managing an investment portfolio. We are choosing to dedicate our careers to one company and one team.

We do not have a time-horizon

We are not pursuing a short-term quick win. We plan to stay for the long-term and will grow the business over time.​

We understand that different sellers have different needs

Your needs will be a priority when structuring the transaction. We will work with you to thoughtfully craft the transition.

Our capital is not anonymous

Our investors are successful entrepreneurs who care as much as you do for the business, because they have been in your shoes.

We know what is like to run a business because we have done it

We have deep experience and are passionate about acquiring, managing and growing businesses.


Values-driven. Dedicated. People-oriented.

We will get our hands dirty

We are here to roll up our sleeves, and live and breathe your business. We are not abstract thinkers or paper-pushers. We are practical, hands-on doers.

We will first learn, then lead

We are approachable and down-to-earth. We do not claim to know more than a team that is already successful and will not interfere with what already works.


Our mission is to protect your legacy first, then build

Our primary goal is to protect what you have worked hard to create while bringing our skills and dedication to pursue sustainable growth.


We deeply care about people

We believe in the power of people and we will invest to create meaningful personal connections. For us, strong relationships lead to happy and loyal clients and employees.

We believe that “business as usual” never lasts long

We will constantly be innovating within the business, in order to ensure that the business is prepared for change and is positioned as a market leader.

Our values

  • Value people first

  • Pursue excellence

  • Act with Integrity

  • Embrace change

  • Drive positive impact



Camila and Dustin are partners in life and now in business. They have built a 10-year relationship based in trust and are a perfect match given their well-rounded complementary experiences and personalities.

Their other significant project is raising two kids with strong values to become conscious citizens of this world.

Camila Medeiros

Camila has +10 years of hands-on experience such as launching and growing a start-up to +70 people, managing a product portfolio for a large multinational, and advising leaders in large organizations.

After leading numerous strategic projects while at McKinsey, Camila realized that having a great strategy doesn’t mean achieving results. People are what make organizations great and responsible for achieving results. In the last years, she focused toward helping organizations transform their culture to deliver great results.



Imperdivel (start-up)




PUC & University of California Berkeley, BA

Dustin Johnson

Dustin has +10 years of experience in investment banking and private equity. He has worked in a variety of  industries, completing more than a dozen transactions representing more than US$1bn in value.

Dustin has a broad experience working with portfolio companies in hands-on, execution-focused roles. He believes in data-driven decision making and disciplined execution. He is fascinated with understanding strategic and capital allocation decisions that enable companies to deliver exceptional performance.


Montana Capital Partners

Pala Investments

BMO Capital Markets



University of Saskatchewan, BA


We are searching for a business in North America with the following characteristics:

  • Recurring or reoccurring revenue

  • Low capital intensity

  • $2M - $10M in annual EBITDA

  • Growing industry

  • Clear competitive advantage

  • Full or majority sale of the business



We are passionate entrepreneurs with vast experience in acquiring, managing and growing businesses.

We strive to leave a legacy of positive impact through our work.